Our Story

ChillinChilli was started by our passion for travel. But more than this, we are on a mission to develop a range of authentic travel experiences and to share the culture as well as the customs of this multi-faceted community. Thailand has a special and diverse way of life which can be enjoyed every day here in Bangkok. A surprise is just around the corner. We are very proud of the culture, the food and the social diversity. Our tours emphasize learning and having fun while all the while exploring the many little known, charming places. Take the time to make friends with some of the local people here in Bangkok and beyond.

We believe travelers are increasingly looking for something different and we seek to provide them with some great options. Some people are looking to meet more locals, others to get off the beaten track, and some simply to see the main tourist sites but from a different perspective. That’s why our child, ChillinChilli was born and we are very proud to introduce you to our exciting company.

ChillinChilli is based in Bangkok so it makes sense to start by helping people to experience Bangkok close at hand. Of course it is difficult to find a completely unique experience, but we do our best and aim to continuously innovate the tours we offer. The experiences you see now are just the beginning! 

Urban Bangkok, first and foremost is a city of characters, full of life as well as a rich history where we are able offer you some great metropolitan experiences. The metropolis with its 50 districts has so much to offer and we look forward to helping you discover these urban areas.

Food: Bangkok is world famous for its food. By experiencing the delicious food, you will also come to learn about the rich culture, tradition and history of this vibrant city.

Walk, social and environmental responsibility are fundamental to the way our modest company is run so let’s walk.

We aim to offer unique and authentic experience to international travelers. All CC’s products are developed after hours of research and development to ensure our visitors enjoy the most satisfying experience possible.

Our People

We truly love what we do. Our team has an insatiable appetite and passion for travel, culture and food, and for empowering others to discover the same. Chillin Chilli’s team is committed to creating amazing and original travel experiences and to providing the great customer service that you would expect.

Why Travel With Us

Action speaks louder than words, experience with us …We connect you with the locals.

  • Fun and combination, satisfying experience.
  • 100% Local Guides, licensed & trained on culture, tradition, history and food.
  • Fully-accredited and licensed tour operator.
  • Look for ways to limit impact on the environment. Friendly mode of transportation, we encourage you to consider using public transportation such as sky train (BTS). 
  • Local neighborhoods. Our mission is to you get full experience of the true local lifestyle.
  • No hidden costs or extras on our tours.

Our experiences are available as join-in groups or can be fully personalized in private option

Contact us if you are interested in a personalized and custom experience

All Tours & Experiences Are

100% Unique & Authentic

100% with Licensed Local Guides

100% Designed & Operated by Us